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Andy Miller, PhD
Andy Miller, PhD

Andy combines his leadership experience, ability to deeply listen, and analytical skills to connect observations and identify opportunities for learning and effectiveness. In his work,  Andy:

  • Creates social space for important organizational conversations

  • Deploys his strong skills in identifying and analyzing organizational phenomena

  • Exhibits a seriousness about the work he does while interjecting humor because our work should be fun

For specific details about my experience, visit my LinkedIn page.

What clients say:

“Andy was a fantastic resource for our team, leading us in an engaging and interactive day dedicated to strengthening our work together. Using DiSC alongside focused discussions and some interactive processing, we came to better understand ourselves as individuals, how we can best collaborate with each other, and how our own work styles can influence our support of the broader university.”

    -Scott Barge, Associate VP for Institutional Data Analytics, Georgetown University

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